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DiverseCity 2015 – ASEAN Jazz Festival 2015

First off, please pardon my lack of updates on my website, especially in the blog section. However, I do update my Twitter and Facebook a lot more, so do please check my FB page when you can, for more recent updates.

Secondly, I’d like to talk about the festival I just performed at with my band, WVC – the ASEAN Jazz & Percussion Festival. It was one of the the festivals under the month-long DiverseCity Arts Festival 2015 (www.diversecity.my), held at one of Desa Sri Hartamas’ longest running F&B outlets, SOULed OUT. Of course, the music portion for this festival was curated by one of Malaysia’s most respected musician/pianist/composer/arranger, and the head-of-state for jazz in this country, Michael Veerapen. Naturally, as a jazz musician at heart, the ASEAN Jazz and Percussion Festival (as well as the No Black Tie and Alexis Sessions) would be his pet projects for this festival.

I remember having this conversation with Michael over teh-tarik about him wanting to put up a city-wide, month-long festival that would encompass the entire arts community in KL – dance, music, comedy, theatre, etc. Goes without saying, it would have been a MAJOR undertaking. And guess what? He did it! Despite facing a major setback in sponsorship cut, he managed to save a big part of the Festival – the Pub Festival, Alexis & No Black Tie Sessions, and of course the Jazz & Percussion Festival. I would’ve loved to see the KL Pops Symphony concert though.

Having worked with Michael for quite a while now, I am very well aware of his style of doing things. With no exception, this festival stays true to Michael’s quality of work, and I’m quite sure the other bands would testify to that too. He managed to put together a really great show together – from the artiste line-up to the technical part of the team (sound, lights, backline, etc). You want to know how easy it was for us for WVC? We went up for soundcheck, and it only took us 20 minutes to finish it! Everything was so smooth, the sound mix, EQs and monitoring were all done so well in such a short period of time.  As far as WVC was concerned, the sound mixing was good enough that we could almost make full use of our dynamic range that we have in our tunes, comfortably.

The festival itself, was a blast, for both the audience and the performers, from what I have observed. Overall, there were all the necessary elements a festival of this kind needed – food, drinks, a relaxing open air ambience, great sound, and awesome emcee in the form of Malaysian’s jazz mamma, Junji Delfino, (who also managed to sing a few tunes, standing in for Dasha Logan) and of course, a really good programming of performances. Practically every detail was taken care of, down to the screen projectors that were placed so systematically so that people at different parts of the restaurant could watch the show. The programming of the performers were also done with great thought, and each band put up one hell of a show (including us, of course!). It was a real JAZZ festival, at least in my books! Even though the acts that were invited to play all had their own strong musical identities, we all had one thing in common – JAZZ. Enough said. All the bands that played were amazing – The Steve Nanda Group (with Patrick Terbrack on sax, WeiLi Cheah on keys and Daniel Foong on bass), Singaporean group The Steve McQueens (with my buddy Fabian Lim on sax, Joshua Wan on keys, Eugenia Yip on vocals, Aaron James Lee on drums, and Jase Sng on bass), and of course Koh Mr. Saxman and the Sounds of Siam (Uhh, I won’t even bother trying to list out their band members Thai names). I had such a great time watching and listening all of them play. I’m also glad to call them my friends, as well, as I do know all of them personally.

I’ve mentioned it on FB and all that, but I’ll say it right here again: The ASEAN Jazz Festival was one of the best jazz festivals I’ve played in KL, or in Malaysia, in a very long time. I’ve played in many festivals before whether with WVC or other bands, but this tops the list of one of the best, if not the best.

Congratulations, Michael Veerapen and his team, for putting up such a wonderful and successful event, and also inviting WVC to be part of it! I personally hope this will be able to continue and grow in the following years to come.


Hi all,

One behalf of my band WVC (or formerly known as WVC TRiO+1), I’m really happy and excited to announce our biggest project for the year:

WVC Malaysian Jazz Ensemble Presents…


WVC TRiO + 1 –

Tay Cher Siang (Piano, Compositions)
Aj PopShuvit (Bass)
KJ Wong (Drums)
Julian Chan (Saxophones)

Guest Artists :
友弟Yudi (June 24)、周博华Chew Paul Wah (June 25)、Winnie Ho 何芸妮 (June 24& 25)、Janet Lee (June 24& 25)

Collaborative Artists :
10 piece String Ensemble Arioso Sinfonia, Calligrapher Tan Guet Bee , Videographer Tan Choo Harn, Photographer Wong Horng Yih, Dancers led by Sae Min.

Date & Time :
24th & 25th June 2015 @ 8:30pm

Venue :
Pentas 1, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre,
Sentul Park, Jalan Strachan, Off Jalan Ipoh, KL .

VIP – RM158
Category A – RM108
Category B – RM 78
Category C – RM58
*All inclusive RM 3 ticket handling fees.

A) Student Promotion :
15% discount to students
VIP – RM 135
Category A – RM 92
Category B – RM 67
Category C – RM 50

B) Group Promotion :
20% discount for purchase of 10 tickets and above
VIP – RM 127
Category A – RM 87
Category B – RM 63
Category C – RM 47

C) Both Day Ticket Promotion :
20% discount for purchase tickets of two day shows.
VIP – RM 127
Category A – RM 87
Category B – RM 63
Category C – RM 47

*All inclusive RM 3 ticket handling fees.
*B & C Promotion ONLY applicable via 03-40479000 / 014-6445592 or walk in to klpac

Box Office :
klpac 03-4047 9000 , penangpac 04-899 1722/2722 , ticketpro 03-7880 7999

Website :

For More Information :
Enquiry : 014-6445592
Email : wvc.bookings@gmail.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/wvctrioplusone
Website : wvctrioplusone.com
Youtube : youtube.com/c/Wvctrioplusone

Production Team :
Music Director / Arranger : Tay Cher Siang
Project Manager : Melissa Teoh
Sound Designer : John Siew
Lighting Designer : Lim Ang Swee

Note: Ticketing will start soon, but in the meantime, you can also contact us with enquiries via our hotline number (014-6445592) or email us at wvc.bookings@gmail.com.

We hope you can come and support us at our concert this year, and we’d love to see you all there. We look forward to have you enjoy the show as much as we’d enjoy playing for you. Meanwhile, we’d like to personally thank each and every one of you for the support you have shown us over the past few years!

So… mark your calendars!!


GIG: WVC TRiO+1 Live at Toccata Studio. 11 Jan 2015 (Sun), 3pm

This is our band, WVC TRiO+1’s first public performance of 2015!

WVC Toccata 110115

This will be the first of many to come, and we are planning ahead for a major project that will happen in the middle of the year. So do stay tuned to our updates, as we will be bringing you more stuff, from podcasts, live performances, miscellaneous project updates, and more. Follow our band on Facebook – WVC TRiO+1 and on Twitter @WVCTrio.

As for this weekend, we will be performing in this intimate space in PJ SS2, Toccata Studio, at 3pm. It’s a great time to spend your Sunday afternoon, especially for those with families who would not have much opportunities to check out our evening/night shows.

WVC TRiO+1 Live at Toccata Studio!
Venue: Toccata Studio, 19b, Jalan SS2/55, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Date and Time: 11th Jan 2015 (Sunday), 3pm.
Admission by min. donation: RM40

Drawing inspiration from the many facets of modern life, influenced by Malaysian and other Asian cultures, the music of WVC TRiO +1 cuts across many musical genres and defies any kind of classification. Tunes such as “The Art of the Wind Up Alarm Clock”, “Found and Lost”, “Standing in the Rain on Euclid Avenue” tries to examine and express the human condition in modern life, using the art form known as “jazz” as its stylistic musical vehicle.

Formed in 2006 as a trio, WVC TRiO +1 completed its quartet line up with the addition of saxophonist Julian Chan. The group has toured extensively in the region, heralding back the spirit being “on the road” of touring jazz bands of old. Through these regional tours, WVC TRiO +1 has brought its music to many corners of Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Macao. In one of these tours, the quartet managed to travel extensively over 18 cities within a month, using different means of transportation, playing in many different types of venues.

WVC TRiO +1 has three instrumental albums – “WVC TRiO” (2008), “ELEVEN” (2009), “In the Dark, I See Her” (2011) – that explored different musical genres (while maintaining the spirit of jazz as its core) and combinations in its line-up. Most of the tunes recorded are original tunes written by the band members. In addition, the band also experiments with transforming unlikely pop tunes, Chinese classics, and many mainstream music into new jazz re-arrangements, in the spirit of the great jazz musicians of old.

WVC TRiO +1 has been invited to appear in many festivals in the region such as Taichung Jazz Festival, Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival, Phuket International Jazz Festival, Tianjin International Jazz Fest, Macao International Jazz Week and many others. In addition, the band has played extensively in the Malaysian local jazz clubs, from No Black Tie, Nero Fico, (the now defunct) Venue, and many others.

The present incarnation of the WVC Trio + 1 consists of bandleader/composer/arranger/music director/pianist Tay Cher Siang, bassist AJ, drummer KJ Wong and saxophonist Julian Chan. The band remains one of the most active units in the Malaysian performance circuit and is one of the most sought after bands in Malaysia for Hi-Fi recordings and live performances.

Call/text 016-3618504 to reserve your seats now!

Hope to see you at the show! Support live music and jazz in Malaysia!



WVC Trio + 1 June 24 NBT

It’s finally here!

The band’s latest album WAITING FOR THAT DAY is finally out. Although it has taken two years for this album to finally come out, it was an extremely fruitful two years – with new music brewing for that duration of time with a relatively new line up.

Fresh from our return from a one-month long tour of China, Macau and Bangkok, we are excited to finally present our album to our Malaysian friends, officially! Hence, we would like to officially welcome you to this special occasion, happening next week on Tuesday, June 24th, at KL’s premier jazz club NO BLACK TIE!

Like most of our shows, we definitely have no shortage of surprises (even we don’t know what kind of surprises could appear, sometimes!), so come to expect the unexpected. And of course, you can get a copy (or more) of our CDs at the show, and just hang out with the band.

We welcome you to a night of good music, photos, videos, some on-stage conversations, and to be among a good company of friends (and even family).

WVC TRiO+1 is:

Tay Cher Siang – piano/composer/bandleader
Julian Chan – alto and soprano saxophones
AJ Popshuvit – bass
KJ Wong – drums.

Special thanks to No Black Tie for helping to make this happen.

Date: 24 June 2014
Time: 9:30pm onwards
Cover: RM40 (maybe there’s student cover too..?)

We really hope to see most, if not all of you there. Thank you for your support!

WVC WFTD Album Cover



WVC TRiO+1 proudly presents:



WVC TRiO +1 and Janet Lee: 

This concert will be a fundraiser concert for the following charity bodies: National Cancer Society of Malaysia, Melaka Cancer Society and Melaka Hospice Association. In addition, this concert will also be streamed live online at: www.ustream.tv/channel/wvc-trio-1.

The concert starts at 8:15pm (Kuala Lumpur Standard Time)

WVC TRiO +1 is:

Tay Cher Siang – piano
Julian Chan – saxophones
AJ Popshuvit – bass
Kj Wong – drums

and featuring Janet Lee on vocals.

Gig Updates – May 2014

Hi everyone,

I hope the first quarter of the year have been good to you so far. We’re almost nearing the middle of the year (oh, how time flies!!). Thank God that I’m still being kept busy with work, and I’m not slowing down anytime soon.

Here are some gig updates for the month of May. There are some shows happening, but for the most part, I’ll be away on tour (for a whole month) with my band WVC TRiO +1 for the second half of May until the first half of June. I hope you can catch some of my shows before then. So here it goes:

2/5 (Friday) – The Julian Chan Organ Quartet @ Room-8, Moon Bar. 9:30pm, no cover.

This will be an interesting show, as it will be a debut of an organ quartet I’m putting together for this Friday. We will be playing a few standards and some organ-based funky material. This Organ Quartet will feature Ee Jeng (organ), KJ Wong (drums), myself on saxophone, and introducing an up-and-coming young guitarist Ho Chee Seng.

4/5 (Sunday) – No Black Tie Jazz Jam Session with WVC TRiO +1. 9:30pm, no cover.

12/5 – 12/6 – WVC TRiO +1: Waiting For That Day ASIA TOUR 2014.

This will be the second tour around Asia with this line-up, and with the help of the Royal Gala Arts Fund and MyPAA, we are able to do a more extensive tour around China and other parts of Asia. In total, we will be traveling to 17 cities in the span of one month – 15 in China, and ending with one show in Macau and one show in Bangkok, Thailand. This tour will also be documented by our good friend and video/photographer Tan Choo Harn, as well as Wong Horngyih.

This will also be our first tour with our latest album (out May 4th), WVC TRiO+1: WAITING FOR THAT DAY, the fourth album for the band (the first for this line up of musicians: Tay Cher Siang – piano, Julian Chan – sax, AJ Popshuvit – bass, and KJ Wong – drums).

(Tour schedule to be announced shortly)

I hope you will be able to make it some of our shows. If you’re around China and we happen to be in your city, I hope you can make it for our shows there, too.

Gig Updates – April 2014

Hi everyone. Here are some confirmed gig dates for April 2014. Do check the Upcoming Performances calendar link to find out more:

9/4 (Wed) – Shanghai Jazz with Yudi Yap and WVC TRiO+1 @ No Black Tie. 9:30pm, RM60 cover (student cover applies).

21/4 (Mon) – WVC TRiO+1 @ No Black Tie. 9:30pm. RM40 cover (student cover applies)

28/4 (Mon) – WVC TRiO+1 featuring Bruce Hurn (trumpet) @ No Black Tie. 9:30pm. RM40 cover (student cover applies).

30/4 (Wed) – INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY : World Heritage Concert and Livestream with WVC TRiO+1 @ (venue tbc) Melaka. 8:15pm.

In conjunction with International Jazz Day, Malaysian Jazz band WVC TRiO +1 is performing a concert in Melaka, the UNESCO Heritage City. WVC TRiO +1 will perform their original compositions and standards, together with singer Janet Lee. The concert will be hosted in a beautiful traditional house.

This will also be a fundraiser concert for three charity organizations – Pertubuhan Hospis Melaka, Melaka Cancer Society and National Cancer Society of Malaysia.

Int’l Jazz Day website: http://jazzday.com/?event-country=malaysia&event-year=2014
Livestream website: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wvc-trio-1


I hope you can make it to some of the shows, if not all. Thanks!

Support live Jazz in Malaysia!

Gig update – Feb 2014

Hi all,

First off, let me please wish all of you a Happy Lunar (Chinese) New Year 2014. It’s the year of the Horse, which could mean a lot of things, but if I get my clairvoyance skills right, it’s gonna be one heck of a fast paced year (heck, which year isn’t). But let’s keep the music playing!

Looks like I’ve got some dates lined up this month! So here goes:

8, 9/2 (Sat 8pm & Sun 3pm) – “I’m In The Mood For Love – Stephen Rahman-Hughes and MPO” @ Dewan Filharmonik Petronas

20/2 (Thu) – WVC Trio+1 @ No Black Tie, 9:30pm onwards. Cover charge applies. (TBC)

21, 22/2 (Fri & Sat) – WVC Trio+1 feat. Alemay Fernadez @ No Black Tie. 10pm onwards. Cover charge applies.

Hope to see you at some of the shows. Nothing like some exciting gigs to get the lunar new year started.

Support live music in Malaysia!

Gig updates – Dec 2013

Hi all,

December is right around the corner, and I gotta say….2013 is passing by like a flash! Where did the time go???

Anyway, I was expecting December to be a rather quiet month, but it seems that may not be the case. I’ve been getting some gig bookings along the way, and I’d like to share them with you. If you can make it for some of it, your presence would be much appreciated! So here goes:

7/12 Sonor Day with SONOR artiste Martin Ngim (details forthcoming)

9/12 (Mon) Janet Lee & WVC Trio+1 “Cabaret and Shanghai Jazz” – Live at No Black Tie.

13/12 (Fri) Jazz Jam Session in UPM Music Dept, with WVC Trio+1

17/12 (Tue) WVC Trio+1 – Live at No Black Tie

19/12 (Thu) WVC Trio+1 and Janet Lee – Live at Geographer’s Cafe, Melaka

28/12 (Sat) Jeff Chang Tour Concert in Nanjing, CHINA.

It’s going to be a fun end of the year, and there will be a lot more interesting stuff that will happen next year as well. I’m looking forward to it.

Hope to see you at some of the shows!

Thanks for following.


Gig updates – Oct & Nov 2013

Hi all!

Greetings from Hualien, Taiwan. I’m here in Taiwan, for the Taichung Jazz Festival which happens this weekend. I’ll be performing with the WVC Trio+1 featuring Winnie Ho : The Jazzy Sounds of Teresa Teng. But meanwhile, we’re here a few days earlier before the festival to hang about and sight-see a little of Taipei and Hualien.

Anyway, now with some good internet connection, I just want to announce a few gig updates for this month and next month (and hopefully more on the way), so here’s a brief synopsis:

25 & 26 Oct (Fri & Sat): Valtinho Anastascio, Tay Cher Siang and Friends (I just got roped in last minute!) @ No Black Tie.

26 Oct (Sat afternoon): WVC Trio+1 with Winnie Ho – TEDxPetalingStreet

6 Nov (Wed): The Julian Chan New Quartet @ No Black Tie

7 Nov (Thu): Teriver Cheung/Julian Chan Quartet @ No Black Tie

8 Nov (Fri): Teriver Cheung/Julian Chan Quartet @ The Jazz Room @Moon Bar.

I’m looking forward to play some seriously fun music over these two months. We hope you will join me in partaking in this fun as well! Hope to see you at some of the gigs.