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Shows in April 2013!

March was just CRAZY!

I couldn’t be more grateful for a busy and productive time, like I’ve had in March 2013. To make a day count, I was only in the country for 13 days the entire month of March. Could’ve been less if it wasn’t for the fact that March this year had five weekends. I was in Singapore for almost half the month and practically just over a week in China. While I was back in KL, however, I was also teaching almost everyday I was back, replacing some classes in UCSI and also slotting in a few private students. Nothing like a busy schedule to start off the year.

Anyway, on to April! I can’t believe it’s already April. To quote some old Chinese (or Cantonese, perhaps?) saying: give it a few winks, and the next thing we know, half the year is gone. Time really flies. I don’t really know if it’s because of me getting…eh hem…older (or more mature, like some would say), or the space time continuum is changing and moving faster? Either way, the show must go on. So here’s a brief list of shows I’ll be doing this month, please check out my Performance calendar page for a full listing:

5/4 (Fri) – The Julian Chan New Quartet featuring Cheryl Tan @ The Jazz Room, Moon Bar (Plaza Damansara)

13/4 (Sat) – Jeff Chang World Tour @ Cixi City CHINA (postponed due to reports of Avian flu)

20/4 (Sat) – Jeff Chang World Tour @ Nanchang CHINA

22/4 (Mon) – WVC Trio +1 featuring Nadia @ Geographer’s Cafe, Melaka

25/4 (Thu) – WVC Trio +1, Junji Delfino and Winnie Ho @ Souled Out, fundraiser concert for Hospice Melaka, Hotel Equatorial Melaka

26-27/4 (Fri & Sat) – Janet Lee, Shanghai Nights Redefined (w/ WVC Trio+1) @ Alexis Bistro and Wine Bar

27/4 (Sat) – JC Saxophone Quartet (tbc)

That’s all for now folks. More updates on the way as it comes by, so do stay tuned!

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Thanks Macau! Next up – Jeff Chang Concert Tour

Looks like my last show with WVC Trio + 1 for the year is really done. I’m not ashamed to admit, but I miss it already. But I’m looking forward to a more productive year ahead, with the band. Macau Jazz Week was a blast, hanging with the Macau kids and the Charles Foldesh Quintet, and playing with them as well. Really enjoyed the cool weather, and of course, the hang. If you ask me, that’s what a lot of the music is all about.. the hang!

Next up, Jeff Chang Tour Concert. I’ll be playing tenor in this, with the horn section – Horny Horns Reunite – Eddie Wen and Roger Chee. Of course, this motley crue backing Jeff is none other than the awesome Mac Chew and Jenny Chin. So it’s definitely gonna be another fun trip. Our first stop – Genting Arena of Stars. Nothing like kicking off a tour from home. Next is Beijing, in the end of the month. There’ll be a few dates in March in April as well, so I’m definitely looking forward to that, as well.

More gig updates along the way, so stay tuned.