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WVC Trio+1 China Tour 2013: Log Entry #2

Greetings from Shanghai!

We’re here to stay overnight before we head out to Suzhou tomorrow to play at the Suzhou Mofun Loft 2. And without fail, we got to meet up with Cher Siang’s old friend, Yang Chen, again. SInce it’s our off-day, Yang Chen is taking us out tonight to watch Roberta Gambarini, a great singer that has worked with the late James Moody, Jimmy Heath, among others. So we’re looking forward to that.

Anyway, just a little epilogue on our Tianjin stop:

We got to perform another showcase last night, at Nankai University, with the Tianjin Conservatory Youth Jazz Orchestra, conducted and led by UMKC’s Joe Parisi. We also got to do a short set of four songs – two with Joe and another two with just the quartet. With Joe, we performed “Body and Soul” and Bennie Moten’s “Moten Swing”. It was such a refresher to listen (and play alongside) a trumpet player that has deep knowledge of the tradition (with Joe being from Kansas City, Missouri). I’ve learned a lot over the last few days, just from that.

The Tianjin Youth Jazz Orchestra was also something that was inspiring to watch. To see them grow so quickly with just over three days of training with Joe Parisi, was really something. And this is coming from a country that doesn’t have a deep concept on what this music is all about – and to see how hungry they were for the experience and the exposure. I’ve seen some of the students improve so much, and one of them I have to admit is kicking my ass!! Gotta get working harder, Julian!!!! I wish I could stay a little longer to share any kind of experience and knowledge that I have, with them. But I’m pretty sure we’ll get to meet and share stuff again.

Alright, more on our Shanghai leg of the tour later. Until then, see y’all later!

WVC Trio +1 China Tour 2013: Log Entry #1

Greetings from Tianjin, China, our first stop in our WVC Trio +1 China Tour 2013.

It’s been a fun trip so far, and we are here for quite a few days, from the 23rd till the 24th of May, where we will leave for Shanghai and stay for a night, then to Suzhou to play our second show. Our hosts in Tianjin had been more than gracious and generous (albeit a little disorganized with the program), treating us quite well, especially in the feeding part. As like our previous trips to China, we got to try all sorts of different dishes that you probably wouldn’t find back home (mine being the vegetarian variety, while my mates eat EVERYTHING else). And it’s not just the kinds of food, but also the amount. Talk about ridiculously large portions, and many dishes, too. I think we feel really bad that a lot of it would go to waste, simply because it was too much to finish.

The music part of it was fun, too. Our concert went well, relatively responsive and good attendance by a lot of students from the Tianjin Conservatory. We got to do some workshops and master classes as well. In addition, we also got to meet with one of the faculty of the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC), trumpeter and educator, Joe Parisi. He is there to shape up the Conservatory Big Band to perform a few big band pieces for their show (which takes place tonight, at the time of writing). Also, we may get to meet and watch one of the most killer saxophone quartets in the world, the Prism Saxophone Quartet. Our band will also do a short set of our songs, and Joe Parisi will also join us for two tunes tonight, so it’s going to be lots of fun.

Good start to the trip. Looking forward to the rest of our shows in China!

Till the next post.


(PS: this post is available, courtesy of VPN and also the hotel wifi, LOL!)