Here are some links to websites that are worth checking out:

Yanagisawa Saxophones – the best saxophone makers on the planet.

Vandoren – makers of the best saxophone reeds and mouthpieces (that won’t burn a hole in your wallet).

WVC TRiO+1 (Facebook Page) – our band page on FB. One of the most heavily working Malaysian jazz bands, developing their own distinct musical voice with their music.

Antonio Hart – my saxophone professor and mentor, spiritual brother, and one of the most original alto saxophone voices in Jazz.

Will Vinson – another great alto saxophonist and composer, with a distinctly unique voice on the alto.

Tay Cher Siang – bandleader/composer/arranger. Bandleader for WVC TRiO+1. Great pianist and friend.

StarMount Studio – one of the most high quality recording studios in Malaysia – running one of the most cutting edge recording equipment around. One of the best places to record in a live and acoustic setting (especially for jazz music and the like).

Institute of Music, UCSI University – currently one of the more leading music institutes at university level in Malaysia. I currently teach part-time saxophone instruction, ensembles, and improvisation there.


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Welcome to the official page of Malaysian saxophonist Julian Chan

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