Working on WordPress!

I’m still trying to work out the kinks on WordPress for my website. Short of building a new page from HTML scratch, WordPress is probably the best option for now. Even so, it’s still taking a long time to build it. But it looks like it’ll be a partial page+blog format.

I will probably learn up more code along the way, but I hope this is cool for now. Please feel free to comment and give suggestions on this.



Thanks for visiting, the official website of Malaysian saxophonist Julian Chan.

The website is still under construction, and will be gradually updated. For now, please visit my page hosted in Tumblr, and subscribe to my Facebook page, Julian Chan Music. There you will get gig updates as well as other thoughts and quips in my music life.

Hope to see you around.

Julian Chan

Welcome to the official page of Malaysian saxophonist Julian Chan

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