Gigs updates – May 2016

Hi all,

I hope everyone is well. The past 4 months had been a seriously off-the-charts busy period for me. January to March 2016 was a mix of private functions, jam sessions, big band show, concerts with WVC (ours own and with others) locally and out-of-town, arranging horns for several album recording sessions, my teaching classes (both privately and in UCSI) and others. It was just non-stop!

April showed a bit of slow down, with the end of the semester in university, a short holiday with the lady, and performing with the MPO, a George Gershwin & Leonard Bernstein programme, aptly named RHAPSODY IN BLUE. I have a few days off before May arrives.

But May onward is set to be another busy season! My band WVC will be making a comeback after a brief hiatus with a vengeance. From Shakespeare to KL Swing festival, our schedule is filling up like crazy. Anyway, here’s a brief update on my performance schedule. I hope you can make for some of it, if not all:

May 2016 Performance Dates:

May 1st (Sun) : International Jazz Day Jam Session @ Bobo KL. 6pm onwards, no cover.
Bobo KL:

May 2nd (Mon) : NBT Jam Session w/ WVC. 9pm onwards, 2 drinks minimum charge.
No Black Tie:

May 8th (Sun) : WVC “DO NOT GO GENTLY” album launch. 1pm. Starmount Studios.

May 19-22nd (Thu-Sun) : WVC & KLPac presents Shakespeare & Jazz – “If Music Be The Food Of Love, Jazz On.” 8:30pm & Sunday 3pm, Pentas 2, KL Performing Arts Centre.
FB event:

May 22 (Sun) : MJQ (Malaysia-Japan Quartet) @ No Black Tie. 9pm onwards, RM60 cover.
No Black Tie:

May 27-29 (Fri-Sun) : World Lindy Hop Day – KL SEA Jam (music by WVC). 7pm.

May 31 (Tue) : WVC featuring Nadia @ Geographer’s Cafe Jonker Walk. 8:30pm.
Geographer’s Cafe Jonker Walk:

That’s it for May…June’s also going to be a killer month, but more on that soon. Hope you can make it to some if not all the shows! See you!



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