Happy New Year 2016

Hi all!

Here’s wishing all of you a Happy New Year 2016. I hope the new year has been treating you well so far. Personally, I’m glad we’ve come to a new year. Although 2015 was an awesome year on many fronts, it was also quite a hectic one. I felt somewhat tired and almost burnt out towards the end of the year, so I was practically operating like a sloth. But I am resigned to the fact that I just need to chill out to finish off the year. And that I did.

Nevertheless, writing this on the fourth day of the new year, I’m back in work mode, and as much as I’d like to ease my way back into it, it seems that I will be starting the new year with a bang, musically! I started the second day of the year with what was supposed to be a jazz jam session at Mezze Wine Bar (with Michael Veerapen on piano, Tan Jen Wei on bass, KJ Wong on drums, and Andy Chong sitting in on guitar), but turned out to be a jam session for the band itself, which was also really fun! Seems that most musicians in town were all already busy working gigs! That’s a good thing, and like I will always say about musicians’ life, “busy is ALWAYS good!”.

Anyway, this week of January 4th (and basically the whole of January) will be filled with performances, gigs and rehearsals on my part! Check them out on my Performance page by clicking here.

I hope to catch you at some of the shows this year. Many thanks for your continuous support for all this time! Have a great year ahead!



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