…to those of you who made it to our show, WVC Malaysian Jazz Ensemble Presents…WAITING FOR THAT DAY: A Live Concert, at KLPAC on Wednesday and Thursday.

After several months of working on the concert, we have finally done it! In a way, this experience has left a bittersweet feeling, the long months of work leading up to the show, and it is done in two very quick days. Nevertheless, the main thing about the concert that has kept us in good spirits and a heart of gratitude was the tremendous support you have shown us by making it to the concert and making it a sold-out one… ON A WEEKDAY, no less!

My heart is filled with gratitude and humility from working with amazing people these past few months, from the production team, the artistic collaboration team, to the performers themselves – the string ensemble, the dancers, our singers, and even the master calligrapher that we managed to rope into the performance. Their contribution to the music was so much more than just being “guests”, they took our music to places that we couldn’t have necessarily gone to easily, on our own. And they have done it with their own touch of passion and artistic spirit. That was a truly special experience, even for us.

Most importantly, having playing to a sold out house on both nights had also given us a sense of affirmation on our work as a musical unit. It has never been an easy thing to tell with us. We don’t really know how much reach our music have had to the Malaysian audience. But after the last two nights of the concert, I think we get a slightly better picture. For that, we owe you a big thanks of gratitude.

We hope to see you again at our future shows!


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