Happy New Year 2015…thoughts and quips.

Happy New Year 2015, everyone!

I know, I’m a little late and it has already been a few days good of the new year. But like they say – better late than never.  Well, I was also too knocked out cold in bed from falling sick right at the eve of the new year, so I just didn’t have the strength to think or write anything.

Anyway, it’s a good time to sit down and gather my thoughts about 2014. As I’ve read through many of my friends’ posts about their new year reflections, I’ve noticed that one thing remains unchanged – all of us have experienced highs and lows, and everything else in between. To say the least,  that also applies to me. But more than anything, I’m just grateful for the opportunities I’ve had last year – whether it is the blessings that stem out of the bad experiences, or the learning from the good ones (and everything else in between).

For many, 2014 has been a extremely terrible year. Too many tragic plane incidents, natural disasters, political unrest, unnecessary and terrible deaths. To think back of it causes such distress in my heart (and I’m sure it is the same for most of us, if not all of us), that nothing can really help to alleviate that. More so than ever, that I am more inspired to be a better person, to be a better musician, and I hope the music my friends and I make can be some form of light of hope and inspiration for many.

Nevertheless, I shall write out some of the highlights of last year, and plenty there are (in no particular order):

1) Did a shit load of projects with my band, WVC TRiO+1 – two live performance video livestream shows; recorded our new instrumental jazz album (with this line up) and also our post-tour album launch; numerous album recordings for Pop Pop Music, Yudi Yap, and Janet Lee’s upcoming album, among others; numerous live shows as a group and with vocalists at No Black Tie, recorded and released 12 episodes of our WVC podcast, and others.

2) Toured with my band to China, Macau, and Bangkok with my band for a whole month, having played 20+ shows across 17 cities.

3) Started having more and more interested and passionate saxophone students from universities and privately.

4) Played a lot of gigs that I thoroughly enjoyed with my band and others, whether it is in the clubs or in private events.

5) Played four symphonic band concerts, of which the last one was at the Chiayi Band Festival in Taiwan, right before the year ended.

6) Performed with Jeremy Monteiro for the Singapore Wind Symphony concert (and my debut show at Esplanade Concert Hall); the Asia-Europe Tour with the Asian Jazz All-Stars (along with Eugene Pao and Hong Chanutr Techatananan), including going to Paris and playing my debut show at the world famous jazz club Ronnie Scott’s in London!

7) Traveled to Europe for the FIRST TIME, albeit short, but it was a memorable one.

8) Did two musicals, one big and one small, both with people I truly enjoyed working with (SuperMokh Restage, Kopisusu Recham).

9) Finally became a Yanagisawa Saxophones Artiste (and got a new horn from their new line of WO Series altos).

As for the not-so-pleasant things, well, suffice to say they are meant to happen for a reason, and I really believe that. I’ve learned more than ever that bad experiences are lessons in itself, and one can stand to learn from them – and that is a real blessing in itself. More than ever, I’m just grateful to be alive, breathing, and being able to do what I do. I truly thank the Creator/Heavenly Mother/Universe, for which all these is possible.

It is now 2015, everything that I’ve written is now in the past. Time to work towards a new future. Let’s see what 2015 has in store for us…

Happy New Year 2015, everyone!

Much blessings,
– JC

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