Julian Chan… the EDUCATOR?

It’s almost the end of my 3rd year of being an inadvertent music educator. Dang. Time passes faster that I can say, “ah one, ah two, ah one, two, three….”

Just having to reflect on that, I guess all I can say is that I’m really grateful and proud of that, and also for all the individuals that I have (and had) the opportunity to consider, my students. I have learned a lot from each and everyone one of them, and it also makes me really proud to see their progression as musicians (whether professional or not). Some days I only need to reflect on that as a form of a testimonial to affirm on what I have to do. It is also a part of my journey as a student of the music and of life.

I’m getting a lot more students than I ever had in my entire career as a musician, and I’m glad to say almost all of them are really serious about it. That’s why I’m more than happy to spend those hours with them.

I never thought that I would actually be a teacher in such a serious way, but somehow things worked out the way it did. So, in an unexpected way, it was possibly a calling that has come my way, and I’m pretty glad about it. I only have all my teachers/masters (in music and in life) to thank for, because it isn’t just their knowledge that they have passed to me, but more importantly, their SPIRIT. To me, it’s like a giant fire that burns non-stop that keeps the passion of music in me going. It has its low days and high days, but it is always burning. I’m so thankful to be in the presence of these masters to learn from.

I only hope I can do justice to them and to the music, as I will try my best to keep sharing the music and the spirit behind the music with those that I meet along this interesting journey called life.


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