Gig Updates – April 2014

Hi everyone. Here are some confirmed gig dates for April 2014. Do check the Upcoming Performances calendar link to find out more:

9/4 (Wed) – Shanghai Jazz with Yudi Yap and WVC TRiO+1 @ No Black Tie. 9:30pm, RM60 cover (student cover applies).

21/4 (Mon) – WVC TRiO+1 @ No Black Tie. 9:30pm. RM40 cover (student cover applies)

28/4 (Mon) – WVC TRiO+1 featuring Bruce Hurn (trumpet) @ No Black Tie. 9:30pm. RM40 cover (student cover applies).

30/4 (Wed) – INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY : World Heritage Concert and Livestream with WVC TRiO+1 @ (venue tbc) Melaka. 8:15pm.

In conjunction with International Jazz Day, Malaysian Jazz band WVC TRiO +1 is performing a concert in Melaka, the UNESCO Heritage City. WVC TRiO +1 will perform their original compositions and standards, together with singer Janet Lee. The concert will be hosted in a beautiful traditional house.

This will also be a fundraiser concert for three charity organizations – Pertubuhan Hospis Melaka, Melaka Cancer Society and National Cancer Society of Malaysia.

Int’l Jazz Day website:
Livestream website:


I hope you can make it to some of the shows, if not all. Thanks!

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