Busy second half of April!

As I’ve just finished with classes for the UCSI School of Music semester (and what a time squeeze effort it was, juggling it with the touring and everything else), the next thing in order is continuing with the Jeff Chang Tour in China, and back again to KL for a few shows with WVC Trio +1 and a few awesome singers.

Later today (Thursday, 18 April), I’ll be flying off to Nanchang, a city southeast of China, for the next edition of Jeff Chang’s tour. We were supposed to be in Cixi City (three hours drive from Shanghai) last weekend, but the concert got postponed due to the H7N9 avian flu. I hope it’s not spreading to where we are! We will be there from Thursday through Sunday, where we will fly back to KL again.

On Monday, I’ll be heading down to Melaka to join WVC Trio to play in Geographer’s Cafe, and featuring Melaka local stalwart, Nadia. On the 25th (Thu), we’ll be heading down to Melaka again to perform at the Hospice Malaysia fundraiser concert event. This time this concert will feature WVC Trio +1, Winnie Ho and jazz evangelist Junji Delfino!

And on the 26th and 27th weekend, we will be performing with Shanghai Jazz exponent, Janet Lee, in “Shanghai Jazz Redefined” at Alexis Bistro and WIne Bar, in Great Eastern Mall Ampang.

What a busy second half of the month ahead! Times like this I reminded again why I love playing music. 🙂

Till the next update! Have a great week ahead everyone.


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