Gig updates: Feb-March 2013

Hi all,

First and foremost, I’d like to wish all my Chinese brothers and sisters, a Happy Lunar Year. I pray that you all are having a good celebration so far, and that you have a great year ahead as well. Whatever the situation may be for us, let us stand up and face it with sincerity, dignity, courage and love!

I have just updated my calendar for some shows happening this month and the next. It already seems that I’ll be away a lot on the road this year, traveling to play with Taiwanese veteran (although he still looks youthful) singer, Jeff Chang, as well as with one of my main bands, WVC Trio+1. It does seem that China will be my prevalent hit this year. But closer to home, I will be doing quite a number of gigs in Singapore as well. To cut to the chase, here is a brief listing of what’s happening. For more details, please click on the “Gig Schedule” page on my website.

Feb 2013:

20/2 WVC Trio+1 @ Toccata Studio, SS2, minimum donation RM40 (

Mar 2013:

2/3 Ayaschool feat. Julian Chan @ Blujaz, Singapore.
4, 5/3 Jonathan Ho Trio/Happy Three Friends (feat. Jonathan Ho on bass, Benjamin Low on drums, and Julian Chan on saxes)
8/3 Benjamin Low Quartet @ Esplanade Outdoor Theatre (Mosaic Music Festival); 11-11.40pm; free admission
9/3 Jeff Chang World Tour @ Singapore Sports Hub
16/3 Jeff Chang World Tour @ Chengdu, CHINA
23/3 Jeff Chang World Tour @ Shanghai, CHINA

More dates coming up.

Hopefully I’ll be arranging more shows in KL as well. So do stay tuned, and I’ll keep everyone posted.


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