Getting back into the running groove!

Here’s a non-music post, just to break the monotony of only music-related posts.

But really, a lot of things that I do seem to have some kind of parallel to one another. One my favourite activites, is running. I’ve been running since 2003, which started out as an effort to lose weight. But it has since developed into something more, as I started to join road races. You could still check out my old blogs about running (and then some):

Julian’s Head (
Julian Runs! (

Anyway, I’ve been in-and-out of it over the last few years, but I’ve never stopped running (just in fluctuating frequencies), and even more so the last year and a half. This is due to increase in the amount of music work I’ve been doing, and the nature of those gigs ate A LOT into my running time. But now, in 2013, things have been changing, and I’m motivated to get myself back into the running groove of things. And thankfully, the current circumstances (in terms of the gigs I’m getting, working schedule, etc) allow me to do so, of which I am taking advantage of.

Bottom line: It feels GREAT to be back into it much more like I used to. Physically I feel much better, and it has also helped my mental strength, both which are extremely important in what I do as a living. I’ve also signed up for the Half-Marathon (21KM) distance in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon.

One of my current (voluntary) “side projects”, if you will, is to initiate a running group/circle for members of the performing arts scene (or MUSOs, as I’m calling it). We just had out first meet today, but I thought it was a small but good start. This is basically targeted towards those in the performing arts scene (whether it’s music, theatre, etc) who are interested to get their health in check. We’ll see how this goes, as the following weeks come along.

Till my next post! Health over wealth!


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